Nigeria After Jonathan – Dr. Peregrino Brimah


As we count-down to the revolutionary expiration of this accidentally installed, deadly usurpist regime, one can only begin to savor a new Nigeria; a new Africa, the world after Jonathan.

Nigeria after Jonathan will no longer be riddled with terror. Boko Haram will no longer be able to drive comfortably in Nigerian army APC’s and tanks and securely with the Nigerian air force turned off and instructed not to engage them and to allow them free way to conduct their pogrom. In the Nigeria after Jonathan, the Nigerian air force will bomb the gazizles out of Boko Haram and in no time the cowardly rats will surrender or be totally annihilated.

In Nigeria after Jonathan, the Nigerian army and entire security department will be properly funded, motivated and equipped to handle terror crisis in the north and Niger Delta. The billions Nigeria has to spare will no longer be totally embezzled, but will flow towards properly equipping the national security department to be able to achieve its obligations in this century. Nigeria will do simple things like purchase and operate drones to track the movement of kidnappers, kidnapped vessels and all other unscrupulous activities of miscreants for proper accosting by the security men.

In Nigeria after Jonathan, our security men and women will no longer be unnecessarily put in harm’s way, but will be properly protected and given updated tools to conduct their duties safely and efficiently. In Nigeria after Jonathan, rather than the executive leadership: minister of Petroleum and president – behaving like children – stuffing themselves with private jets, this money will be used to secure the life and work of our security men and other diligent public workers.

In Nigeria after Jonathan, Politician sponsors of terror will be arrested and killed immediately, as happened in Nigeria before Jonathan – during the Yar’Adua regime- Boko Haram terrorists and all other forms of equivalents will be quickly killed including their leaders; no longer dined with and romanced as “siblings” like President Jonathan does and refers to Boko Haram as being.

In Nigeria after Jonathan, there will no longer be 100 million destitute Nigerians, 80% of the nation’s population currently living under a dollar-a-day. A middle class will be restored in Nigeria. Nigeria will seize to be a nation of stinking rich and hopelessly poor only, but will have robust small business entrepreneurs, supported by government policies and creating more than menial jobs for a robust middle class population. Nigeria will be retrieved from the Cabal that Jonathan is transferring it to. As late/killed Yar’Adua did, in Nigeria after Jonathan, sales of and transfers of Nigeria’s assets which Jonathan is desperately doing, to the Cabal will be over-turned. Our property will be recovered. Even oil wells shared since the sixties to people like Babangida’s tailors and the rest will all be repossessed. In a process that happened in the development of America with the breakdown of the “Robber Barons,” Nigeria will be owned again by the people and not by a handful of Cabal friends of Jonathan and Diezani.

In Nigeria after Jonathan the polity will no longer be so ridiculously divided with all forms of ethnic violent and spiteful divisions and confrontations promoted today for selfish political success. In Nigeria after Jonathan, north, south, east and west will be in harmony, only divided and debating over policy, principle and progress and no longer on stupid things like religion and ethnicity which the current dispensation promotes and sponsors. Hope and opportunity will breed trust and good will.

In Nigeria after Jonathan, the nation will no longer be shamed internationally, unrecognized and not honored at global functions. Nigeria will no longer be a non-existent player in African and global politics; disrespected at every opportunity. In Nigeria after Jonathan, Nigeria will re-assume its rightful respected place as a world leader, contributing wisely and resourcefully to handling regional and global crises. Nigeria’s leaders will be well respected, called upon to give eulogies at global events. Nigerians abroad will be proud of their country and will again embark on the pilgrimage back home. This trend reversed in the five years of Nigeria under Jonathan.

In Nigeria after Jonathan, there will be no more Patience Jonathan to have to tolerate.

I can keep writing all the beautiful things I envision and that we will fight to ensure are our destiny after the end of the Jonathan “transformation.”

What do you see? Plan it and be a part of making your vision for Nigeria, happen and happen soon.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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