Bullet-Spangled Black man, by Perry Brimah


Drive slow, blacks crossing,
My charges will be trumped up to be read posthumous, on my coffin.

I am black in America and it is poaching season,
I could likely be killed tomorrow by a white officer for no… logical reason.

Intent must be proven beyond reasonable doubt,
He’ll punch himself in the face and give a testimony…
While I lay silent under the ground!

Splash my DNA around his car, the rest is his story,
Yeah I’m now history.

When did my crime come to life?
Was it before or after they took out my… life?

You say we have a half black President?
The guy in the white house is more interested in how we having sex.

Did you say I was under arrest?
Then why do I have these 15 holes gaping in my chest?

Yeah they said I stood tall, 6 ft looking menacing,
My weapon was my color, my dead body images even got the juries hearts racing.

My hands are in the air,
He’s about to kill me, ‘cuz my skin color is not fair!

Stop! Freeze! Drop your gun!
Drop my melanin? This color, harmless, only protects me from the sun.

My dark skin protects me…
The irony!

Maybe I’ll die tonight!
Do tell my mommy that I always did right,
And that I died because I didn’t or actually did have to fight.

For buying skittles, fixing my waist or walking into my house,
That’s what caused their grouse.

No justice, no peace,
Somebody save me from the police!

My hide must be wanted,
I am Black in America, I am being hunted!

Knee on my neck,
Kill me by asthma attack,
or 15 shots in my back!

15 holes, they must be stars in my body,
15 blood trails tell my story.

Say does that star-spangled banner yet wave?
15 bullet holes and 15 blood trails, am I the flag, is this freedom… this grave!

Help, I am Prey,
I am Black in the U.S.A.

― Perry Brimah 2014

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